Product Summary

The ADA10000RS24Q1 is an 1 GHz CATV amplifier. The is a monolithic IC intended for use in applications requiring high linearity, such as Cellular Telephone Base Station Driver Amplifiers, CATV Fiber Receiver and Distribution Amplifiers, and CATV Drop Amplifiers. Offered in both a modified 16 lead SOIC package and SOT-89 package, the DA10000RS24Q1 is well suited for use in amplifiers where small size, reduced component count, and high reliability are important. Applications of the ADA10000RS24Q include: CATV Drop Amplifier, Low noise amplifier for CATV, Set-Top Boxes, Home gateways and Post Amp for RF overlay in FTTH/RFOG ONUs.


ADA10000RS24Q1 absolute maximum ratings: (1) Supply voltage: 0 to +12Vdc; (2) RF Power at In put: +15dBmv; (3) Storage Temperature: -65 to +150°C.


ADA10000RS24Q1 features: (1) 15 dB Gain; (2) Wide Bandwidth: 50 MHz to 1 GH; (3) High Linearity: +64 dBmV IIP3 (+8 V supply) ; (4) Low Distortion; (5) Low Noise Figure: 2.0 dB; (6) Single +4 V to +6 V Supply; (7) SOIC-16 and SOT-89 Package Options; (8) RoHS Compliant Package.


ADA10000RS24Q1 Circuit